Re-inventing solidarity

Our vision  

ALLTO’s vision is that of rethought, renewed Belgian solidarity. Our goal is to multiply solidarity initiatives, to find situations where solidarity is lacking and to rethink solutions ! With our first project dedicated to school supplies, we want to launch a whole dynamic.

And we can only do that by being true to the values that we defend: solidarity, ecology and accessibility of these through our services.


We are convinced that the success of our project also depends on our ability to show you all the confidence you can place in it. You, our future Ambassadors of Solidarity, thanks to whom this renewal of solidarity will be possible.

And because we want you to trust us, we’re transparent about how much of the profit Allto keeps to operate and to launch future projects.

Your opinion matters !

Your opinion is important to us ! We are currently developing a way to stay in direct contact with you, so that we can share together lots of solidarity initiatives, tips and anecdotes! In the meantime, we are open to your feedback, questions and ideas via the address :

This is how this project will develop : through the dynamism of our exchanges and the initiatives that we will carry, driven by our common values !