Re-inventing solidarity

Our Values


The natural world we live in provides us with many benefits but these are not unlimited. Common sense and decency dictate that we should live in sustainable ways


We believe in the development of a durable life for people too. We want to do our share in reducing inequality and social injustice


We want our values to be accessible. Taking care of the environment and helping others should become as easy as possible

Our Vision

ALLTO, has a simple objective : We want to re-invent the way we can provide support to people in need in Belgium. Our idea is to try and make it simple to participate in solidarity gestures

To do so we want to start different projects that each target a situation where we can improve solidarity and have a real impact

Doing so, we will create a network of solidarity initiatives that will build on and interact with each others to develop this new spirit exponentially !

Today being united is a challenge.
But together, we can change this !

Our Team

Frédéric Henrard

Frédéric Kröger

Yorick Meurice

School supplies

The back to school period can be a difficult time financially. How can we support each other ?

ALLTO gives parents the opportunity to buy baskets of school supplies tailored to the specific needs of each class

50% of the profits will then be used to finance solidarity packs of school supplies which will be distributed free of charge to disadvantaged children in Wallonia and Brussels by “Arc-En-Ciel”

Our equipment is a maximum ecological and
100% European

ALLTO gives us all the opportunity to build tomorrow’s back to school !

None of this would be possible without our partners